Roman Holliday Pictures

Here are some annotated pictures from my Roman Holliday days. To see LOTS more RH pictures -- and for more information on the band generally -- go to Roman Holliday's main site at There is also a Japanese Roman Holliday web site at
Thanks to Andrew and Kumiko who run these sites!

Guitar Hero In His Own Mind

This picture was taken at a gig in California. We were opening for the Stray Cats. I autographed it for a fan. Then it turned up in my mail some months later (the pic., not the fan): whether as a gift or as unwanted and returned -- who knows? Who cares! My Mum loves it! It's the only picture I have of myself looking (almost) like a genuine Rock 'n' Roll Star. Actually, by the time I got the picture I was probably already all washed up and driving a cab (or planning my escape to the USA!)

Brian and Steve: Motormaniacs

This one comes, I think, from a European TV show. If anyone knows which one, I'd be interested to know. We were promoting "Motormania" -- thus the Scalextric set.

Guitarist Magazine Cover, Feb. 1985

"Among august company." I understand John Entwistle was particularly excited to get on the same page as a member of RH. OK, maybe I meant that the other way around.

A Car-Full of Stray Cats Fans

This was taken in Bakersfield, California in November 1983. We were opening up for the Stray Cats and met up with some concert-goers in a cool car.

Tokai Guitar Advert.

I've been a big Ian Hunter fan since the mid-1970s, when he fronted one of my all-time fave bands -- Mott the Hoople. I met Ian at the 1983-1984 MTV New Year's party and regretted mightily not getting a photo of us together. Obviously, the rock gods felt my pain and put us on the same page on this advert for Tokai guitars.


Here's an oldie. This is from 1981. From left to right: Brian, Simon, Steve, Rob (lower). On the far right is pre-Jon Durno bassist, Peter Noone. Back then we playing music that was more "funk" than "swing." Perhaps foreshadowing those infamous dough-boy hats, though, we were already sub-consciously gravitating toward nautical themes!

That's all for now. I'll put more up later in the year. Brian.